Seed Ceremony April 30th, 9am @Mohawk Nation Longhouse

Seed ceremony April 30th, 9am at the Mohawk Nation Longhouse. Please bring natural/traditional, non gmo seeds for the bowl game and ingredients for the meal afterwards. Traditional clothing is encouraged. Niawenhkowa spread the word.

Spring Sing - April15 @ Akwesasne Mohawk Nation Longhouse

Ionkwatshennón:ni tsi nón:wa eniakwarihwakétsko ne Spring Sing. Aetewakia'tarò:roke tánon aetewaterennotónnion. 
(We are happy to be hosting the Spring Sing. We will gather and we will sing.)

Kwahonkará:wis aontésewe Onerahtókha 15, 2017. Akwesasne, Kanonhséhsne (MNLH) nón:we.
(We invite you to come on April 15, 2017 in Akwesasne at the Longhouse.)

11am- Enietshiia'tará:ko tsi niká:ien enkietshiiaténniehte. Eniakwakia'tarò:roke tánon eniakwatsiáhaien. 
(11am- Singing Society delegates will gather to meet.)

12pm- Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen enkawennohétston, thó:ne ó:nen entitewatáhsawen entewaterennó:ten.
(12pm- Opening will be put through, and then we will start singing.)